Hydrology TEP

A platform to generate water information form EO solutions

A powerful community platform to generate and share data products for hydrology applications

The Hydrology Thematic Exploitation Platform (H-TEP) is an ESA project to provide a collaborative framework where scientific users, river basin organisations and service providers could rapidly and easily access a large number of EO data, integrate their own data and tools (in-situ data, socioeconomic data, analysis tools…) and process their processors (service prototypes, hydrological models, meteorological models) within a user-friendly environment. The platform is:

  • Open, collaborative and inclusive
  • Based on the Cloud: no need for data download, storage or high-speed internet
  • Rapid, remote and large-scale processing
  • Upload your own data and/or services, exploit the existing expert applications
  • Distribute results and processes with scientific teams and clients

H-TEP delivered new tools and services which facilitate and customise the access to EO data due to the growing diversity, volume and complexity of EO data and the growing diversity of users and water applications.

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isardSAT, Terradue, Deimos, SMHI, TUD, TRE-Altamira Information, EOMAP, Deimos, LIST

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