CRISTAL Level-2 Processor Prototype for Land Ice and Inland Waters

Illustration of CRISTAL acquiring over Land Ice and Glaciers © ESA

The CLEV2ER LI+IW aims at developing, implementing, and supporting the evolution of the CRISTAL Level-2 product and algorithms, which are associated with the thematic Ground Processor Prototypes (GPP’s) over Land Ice and Inland Water surfaces. R&D activities will be performed to address the outstanding scientific and technical questions related to domain-specific Level-2 processing of data acquired by the interferometric altimeter on board (IRIS).

This project supports the development and scientific readiness of the CRISTAL mission during its Phase C/D/E1.

isardSAT is in charge of exploiting Fully-Focussed SAR (FF-SAR) and Swath processing capabilities and verifying the capability to estimate water body extent using FF-SAR waveforms.


Lancaster University, Collecte Localisation Satellites (CLS), University College London (UCL-MSSL), isardSAT, Earthwave, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Ebrenn Ltd.



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altimetry, satellites, algorithm development, snow / ice, hydrology