Internship - Altimetry Data Validation

Company information

isardSAT Group (also known as isardSAT) is a group of R&D SMEs providing, since 2006, engineering and scientific remote sensing answers to its clients with special attention to altimetry and passive microwave missions. isardSAT Group is composed of isardSAT, S.L., Barcelona headquarters and a fully owned subsidiary, isardSAT Ltd., in Guildford.

isardSAT is involved in the design, calibration, and maintenance of civil remote sensing instruments, ranging from the development of algorithms for data processing to calibration after launch and maintenance of the instrument's hardware until decommissioning, and is continuously improving its processing software well after that decommissioning phase.

While isardSAT’s core expertise is the development of ground processing algorithms to process microwave instruments data, it also performs studies for scientific applications with the data obtained by Earth Observation instruments, such as for hydrological applications.

isardSAT has a wide experience successfully managing complex technical projects lasting several years as can be inferred from the increasing number of ESA-awarded projects since the company creation.

Internship description

The student will join the team working on radar altimetry validation. The project aims at validating range measurements from radar altimetry over inland waters (reservoirs, rivers, channels, and mountain lakes) obtained through different SAR processing techniques, including Fully-Focussed SAR (FF-SAR) processing techniques. These novel FF-SAR methods are expected to improve along-track resolution from current operational ~300 m provided by Delay-Doppler techniques to sub-meter levels and therefore will represent a revolutionary step in the radar altimetry field. The satellites involved in the task are the recently launched Sentinel-6 with eventual use of Sentinel-3 and CryoSat-2 data. The satellite data will be validated against in-situ validation data. This internship would be especially adequate for a Bachelor’s thesis (TFG) or Master’s thesis (TFM).

Required knowledge, skills, and abilities To be considered for this position, you must have:

  • Physics or Telecommunications Engineering student, or similar (Bachelor or Master)
  • Interest in Remote Sensing and in Earth Observation
  • Good grades in Signal Processing
  • Good knowledge of Python and/or MatLab
  • Good level of English (written and oral)


Barcelona (Barcelona Activa – Parc Tecnològic), remote during Covid-19.

Application information

Please send your CV and a cover letter until 9 June 2021 via email to, CC, including the position reference.

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  • Participation to radar altimetry validation activities

  • Adequate for a Bachelor's or Master's thesis

  • Flexible hours